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Amanda's a sizzling HOT Woman. She wore no make up and dressed as a boi surfer would

(Amanda's a sizzling HOT Woman. She wore no make up and dressed as a boi surfer would, such a natural beauty, a very athletic body and the "confidence of herself in the whole" attitude. Yet, in My presence, a somewhat vulnerable curious sexy butch boi energy.

Amanda walks up to Ms Power at a lesbian bar in San Diego and says: I want you to know that we all find you very intimidating.

We? I say. Looking over to the bar where her friends are all lined up. You are saying all 7 of you?
Amanda says: Yes. (said in a matter of fact tone)

I then say, come over here lil boi... she is slightly hesitant ... then does follow Me with an excited yet scared expression.

Damn that look, lets just say, I swelled right up!

Just that fear and excited curiosity about her absolutely turned Me on. I know My Power had lured her in. It was as if I was the magnet she had to connect to in a very strong yet natural way.

When she followed, I was positive I had her. I loved it!

(I had actually planned this and acted upon it in an energy level and saw that she followed My driving force naturally, yet unknowingly why)

I have her now, away from My friends, knowing she would feel safer in private to open up to Me.

We? I say again. You are saying all 7 of you?
Amanda says: Yes.
Hmmm. Was My response. Now why is that?�

She then explained, It is was what You do.
I said: You don't even understand or fully know what it is I do. She then answered: Well, it is just You. The way You carry Yourself, Your every expression and mannerism.

OK. I say: I see your intimidated and I am telling you that you are also very intrigued. (sexy evil grin) I know this instinctually. She thought for a second and the blushed with agreement.
I thanked her for her honesty and said I appreciated that she has trust in herself to come forth to Me with this.

...This led to quite a few words, a lengthy discussion ... Mixed with Me wanting to just fuck her right then and there. Nothing more discussed, just take her down and turn her out!
I did not do that though! The laws. I would have been arrested. I may have disrespected her boundary's etc.
Plus, I did not want to "blow her mind away" to no return back to Me. It is very hard when you hold a Title that you respect so much, yet have this burning lust and desire that feels it can go into an animal passion ... that is deeply derived from an instinct and not logic ...

Now slapping reality into My own face, My conscious. BAM! Whewwwwwwwwww ... OK, I cannot go there now! Stop!

I must respect and not objectify! This Woman is a Woman first and foremost. All WOMEN Must be respected for just being Women. It is a Woman to Woman respect that only Women truly know.

Ahhhh, well male species are a whole other story!
No need to go there right now!

Now we go into an educational and intellectual space ... back to the energy dances and exchanges of many levels, The most powerful one was of LUST and D/s.

So much more can be said sometimes, in the moments between the spaces.

Eyes connecting to the soul, connecting to each others energy and core. The Yin The Yang, The ONE. A balance of imbalance. Imperfect harmony within a larger perfect harmony in a moment, in a space, a place and it is O/our time. Zeroing in, It is O/our now!

(For privacy, this next part remains unknown to the public)

At the end of the evening ... she desires to learn more.
She agrees on My type of applied theory education/training. In My dungeon, in Los Angeles. Interestingly so though, at first glance of her, I saw a very young and sexy one, nice ass, perky nips, healthy looking flawless tanned skin and tight abs. I saw her dancing seductively, grinding and kissing passionately two other Women. I am also a voyuer so I was having a great time watching them. I then saw her as a one I just wanted to turn out and fuck hard. Then just leave! That would have been it! Poof go bye bye!
Eventually though, much to My surprise, I found out she is 40, financially established and has longevity in her career, a focused reality! Independant enough to know who she is and not a type to suck and leech My energy. Not a whiny negative one. I feel her energy as very positive and healthy. I enjoy that. It all feels very good!
I found her mind to be quite sharp and saw that she values her intellect as one of the most positive attributes. I am very pleased she has that confidence within herself. No more is she a sex object to conquer and destroy! I see more. I see I want to know more about her as a whole.
I am told what she values most is #1 intelligence and then beauty in others! Hmmmmmmmm BINGO! Intelligence first! OK, she is in! Just by saying that and also is in by presenting what I feel is honesty. I may not agree with her second choice, but she has the first choice exactly where I prefer my potentials to focus and be. Past the yadaayadda! Past the fake games some play. She is real, willing, healthy and ready! I ask about her second choice. Do you find Me beautifull? I say.
Oh yesss .... was her reply. I had a big smile, I looked at her up and down then into her eyes and knew it was true as I watched her squirm!
Mmmmmmmmm, I must take her, when she is ready.

Hehe (Evil Grin)

The Power, The Huntress, Captures Her prey!

Now what does She do with her? Eat her alive right then and there or tease her body beyond known lust, torture her mind in the psychologically best of ways. Toss her around and play ... take and break her heart and then return it back into Mine? Take and break her in full? Rebuild her to a newer perspective of self?
The Ultimate Conquest! Perhaps, perhaps not. I will see how she takes to her training and decide at some point there after. I will either own her or allow her to go on and discover more of herself with others.

Again, it is now about how she takes to My training!

(My lesbian D/s post are all REALITY. I give Hetero's just so much ... yet not all. hahaha haa)

Do I care that My client sluts know? NO!
Do I care that I could be breaking up somes fanatasy's? NO!
Do not forget lil whores of Mine. I am about TRUTH AND REALITY! First and foremost! I do not use slogans many other websites do. I am very real! Be lucky and grateful I share My personal life a bit and in a very open manner. Be HAPPY that I am very Happy in My personal life!

Here, on this forum, I do not care about grammar and editing as much as the capturing the flow of truth that has come through. The need to express, as soon as I can, as to capture a true essence of the exchange. Abstract or not.
I do not care, yet I care so much!

It is the quality moments, uniqueness and feeling that must be conveyed, put on print ....

Ahhhhh and if you do not like it.
Get the fuck out of here!
Poof! Be gone!
This is who the fuck I am!

Power Productions

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Posted on: May 27, 2002 - 9:46am

This forum is about ME! Absolutey about what feels happiest to Me! Most do not realize the Mistress gives so much! This is true. A Domme is to be served! yet in reality, a Domme gives so much education, training, physical work, Top energy. The sluts below can and do take, take, take. I do not give a shit about all the promises ... many will not admit it! They do only see thier D/s supposed protocol as a means to a selfish end. Basically, this is placing the Woman as a whore! Protocols to play to get the end result of an orgasm. I see this, I know this and it disgust Me. Who the hell does anyone think they are kidding? Debate Me on this! I am ready to go!

This is why I see quality over quantity. I do NOT fool Myself as to what is really going on. I can only do so much about it! So by respecting My own morals of who I am, I limit quick fix fucked up mentality's in My space! In the Pro world, I do not care what a Pro says in the public's eye! I know that many are giving so much more than is basically presented in the forfront! Quick fix male sluts do come and go! Going past a Dommes ego, the reality is, on statistic level more sluts come and go than stay! I hope, most, if not all ,are going to grow in the exchange with Me! This does not always happen, it is not the fault of Mine. It is that many live in a fantasy and the reality is too real, too frightening! They are not working on thier end of the supposed deal of a true exchange of Power! Many keep replaying a scene over and over again. What they consider a safe enough space to play in. Yes! This is what happens! Instead of the taking upon the allowance of extending their own limits, they just move in a circular motin (replay) and then from side to side (Domme to Domme, for the change of view, staying within this same vein though) instead of higher up in a power of their own submission.
This actually saddens me at times! I hope for the best in full for all but I do not force it unless consented to.

In Women I do not see this "stuck" place as much! It is a wonderful thing to see one grow - extend. I feel I have a made a change! A positive one. The Goddess in Me rises to the occasion again feeling a fullfillment and pride in self more so.

Lately, I have been feeling an animal in Me, a Black Panther, a Huntress ... on the prowl, to take, make and break, to own , to devour, My sexuality is in high drive. I can not seem to get enough!

My lusts, My desires. This insatiable hunger ... seems never ending at this moment.

Aye, aye, aye! lol !!

Power Productions

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