Mistress Power - Real Lesbians (reallesbians) wrote,
Mistress Power - Real Lesbians

My wonderful weekend.

This is a true story: 5-18-02
This weekend I was involved in take down ... 4 of Us took down one by surprise. Captured her and then binded her with black bondage tape against her lilly white skin. We bound and gagged her to a first aid back - board. We also shackled her down by a total of 4 points. Her eyes were also covered in full by black bondage tape. ... ** (sounds, touched, suctioned her clit with a clit enlarging device ... kidnapped her via SUV transport)

... To be continued very soon ...

After a month of interviewing her I finally allowed a new slut to spend the weekend with Me at " The House Of Power" My time to break in a new slut. Mmmmm .. She is a bit of a SAM at times and I usually do not allow SAM's in My personal or professional scenes-lifestyle. This one is very special though. She has a wonderful mind. If one has being reading all My post and interviews of late, you will have noticed My irritation and exhaustion from the exchange of the quick fix mentality's. My new girl, to be named soon, perhaps "rivers-spirit" .... Has a wonderful and refreshing disposition in life. She also thoroughly understands the meaning of Power Exchange in a scene, the Universe, in physics and also in a very spiritual way.
I will be having much to write about her as she has impressed Me in ways most submissives can not. She can take a lot! I am extreme and do scene very hard.
This evening/morning she accidentally ejaculated in My mouth. This was an accident, W/we did not expect her aim to go astray. LOL This took Me by surprise. She "female ejaculates' with much trajectory. She also multiple orgasms. She can take My fist and I can and did take every hole of hers as well.

... I will continue speaking more about My personal exchanges soon ...

I am feeling very happy right now.
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