Mistress Power - Real Lesbians (reallesbians) wrote,
Mistress Power - Real Lesbians

I am Polyamorous

As anyone can see, for now, I am Polyamorous! I am unsure if I will ever be monogomous again.

>> Polyamory (many loves) is a relatively new word created for relationships where an adult intimately loves more than one other adult. This includes forms like open couples, group marriage, intimate networks, triads and even people who currently have one or no partners, yet are open to the possibility of more. It is another word for nonmonogamy.<< See this website if you want to understand more http://www.lovemore.com/aboutpoly.html
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Actually, I am not Mormon. I am a Leather Lesbian, D/s, Power Exchanger. Far from a religous brainwashed bull shit.
I know, I wasn't trying to sound immature or anything, but the practice of polygomy used to be very popular in the mormon religion. It's not really a new practice, it's just not widely accepted in the American Nation.